System:   Three-way tri-amplified floor-standing speakers with outboard digital signal processing (DSP) for crossover and equalization.

DSP:  Two HDMI inputs, eight analog output channels on RCA, including two for subwoofers.  Volume, source and preset selection controllable with infrared remote and smartphone app.  Other DSP options available.

Drivers:   Two 22mm fabric dome tweeters.  One 17 cm paper cone midrange.  Four 22cm fiberglass cone woofers.

Frequency Response:   30hz – 20kHz.  Subwoofer recommended for <50Hz in larger size rooms, for extended deep bass, or high output volume.

Nominal Impedence:   4 ohms tweeter, 8 ohms midrange; 4 ohms bass.

Dimensions:   Height: 44.5”.   Width: 24.75”.   Depth: 7″ (cabinet), 15.6” (base plate).   Weight: 65lbs.

Amplifier:   Six channels needed; 50-200 watts per channel recommended.